If this is the last season they better give us a mcswarek baby.

I don’t want a wedding(wedding in tv shows are always disappointing), i just want a BABY.

… I might need the wedding….

I might need the wedding and the babIES

"I keep thinking about the future, kids, park on sundays…Real life. Something more than this." sorry, needed to be quoted.

@EmilyBett: A baby just roundhouse kicked me in the face.

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ksoo getting shy during his conference

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They’re real characters to us, and they had that conversation on the beach, and they had that conversation in the house to help capture Slade,” Berlanti reminds. “So the question you have to ask is: Does Oliver have real, genuine emotions for her? And how aware is he of that? And how aware does he make her of that? That is an active part of the season this year.

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Team Arrow l Real Team ArrowWaiting season 3!!! 


Team Arrow l Real Team Arrow

Waiting season 3!!! 

@donghae861015: I miss you …
@xlkslb_ccdtks: I miss you.haha
*Donghae tagged Sehun in his IG post and Sehun also tagged Donghae in his IG post…lol

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